Clinical Nursing

This book, aimed at both professional nurses and nursing students, in its 534 pages aims to update the vision of nursing care by including not only those related to the disease or alteration, but also the care and maintenance of the life, including the «Repercussion in the activities of daily life» of the autonomous area, where it is made explicit how certain manifestations of the disease or alteration affect the capacity of the person to carry out the activities of daily life. This approach aims to help identify in each specific case the most appropriate nursing action to, on the one hand, help the person to recover, maintain or improve their health and, on the other hand, to enhance their abilities and, when indicated , also those of your caregiver or family so they can take charge of the situation and take responsibility for their health care. It is a collaboration for the Wolters Kluwer Health publishing house (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins).


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