NSCA Manual Fundamentals of personal training

This second edition of the NSCA Manual. Fundamentals of personal training is a collaboration for Editorial Paitotribo. It is a comprehensive work, based on research, and is the reference source of reference when it comes to obtaining information and guidance in the field of personal training. With cutting-edge information regarding the practical aspects of personal training and clear explanations of the scientific evidence that appears, this work is also the accredited textbook for the preparation of the US NSCA-CPT certification exam... The manual focuses on the complex process of designing strength, aerobic, plyometric and speed training programs that are safe, effective and specific to the objectives. It consists of 700 pages and is provided with more than 220 full-color photographs accompanied by instructions on the technique. It offers readers an approximation to the design of exercise programs, step by step, paying special attention to the application of principles based on age, level of fitness and the state of health of each individual. Through extensive guidelines and client examples, readers can learn appropriate ways to modify exercise programs to work with different types of clients and thus adjust to the individual needs of each client.


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